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The Center for Renewable Energy at Illinois State University has three major functional areas:

  1. To enhance the renewable energy major at Illinois State University

  2. To serve the Illinois renewable energy community by providing information to the public

  3. To encourage applied research concerning renewable energy at Illinois State University and through collaborations with other universities  


Since research and education in renewable energy have become national priorities, it is appropriate that Illinois State University coordinate its efforts in this area. A group of Illinois State University faculty from several disciplines and multiple colleges has been meeting since 2002 to discuss educational and research opportunities in renewable energy. These efforts resulted in a $990,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (US DOE) to research renewable energy, to establish a major in renewable energy at Illinois State and to create a Center for Renewable Energy which will support and sustain these efforts. The Center also received a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to help complete its state-of-the-art renewable energy laboratory.

To meet the growing need for education, outreach and research, Illinois State University created the Center for Renewable Energy with initial funding through the US DOE. The Center for Renewable Energy is a research and public service unit formally recognized by the State of Illinois.  It was approved by the Illinois State University Board of Trustees in November, 2007 and by the Illinois Board of Higher Education in August, 2008. 

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